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Who is Preoccupied Bride?

My name is Maya Devassy Tarach, and I am the owner of Preoccupied Bride. I bring the calm to every wedding I plan and manage. My creative nature and skills as a former project manager—an insanely organized and detail-obsessed planner, stickler for deadlines and communicator enthusiast—made wedding and event planning extra appealing to me. But it was planning my Indian-Polish wedding from start to finish in 2016 that sealed the deal.

My goal is to help couples prepare as much as possible before their wedding and make sure everything goes right on their wedding day, so they can enjoy one of the most special days of their lives. Because let’s face it, people are busy. Careers, families and more (sleep is important too!) take over the 24 hours that are given to each person every day, which leaves little time for planning special life events and implementing the details. My couples enjoy working with me because of my professionalism, expertise, detailed organization, kind attitude and forthright demeanor about their ideas, design and wedding budget.

Preoccupied Bride believes in love and welcomes the chance to work with anyone and everyone.


This may be difficult to read but must be said: Things can and will go wrong on your wedding day. Bad weather, running behind schedule and drunk wedding guests are not uncommon mishaps. BUT it’s important to remember the big picture.

If you get married on your wedding day, that is, you and your partner get to recite your love and vows to each other—your wedding is an automatic success. Beautiful flowers, a gorgeous reception setup and a stunning wedding dress are certainly important aspects. But nothing, not even all the wedding details you’ve planned for months on end, is more important than sealing the love between you and your partner through the life-long commitment of marriage. Don’t let the wedding details cloud the reason why you’re getting married in the first place. It’s important to keep this outlook in mind throughout the wedding planning process. This will keep you sane while planning and make your wedding day meaningful since it’s truly about the two of you.  


Host your ceremony and reception at the same venue if possible. You’ll have one rental fee instead of two, and usually the venue will have a better deal if you’re hosting both events at their location.  

Invest in lighting if your venue doesn’t include or have enough of it. It’s amazing how much lighting can add to the overall design of an event at an affordable cost.

Rent linen. Whether it’s colorful or patterned or just a small upgrade from your basic poly, linen will spruce up your décor without breaking the bank.

Reuse flowers. For example, if you have floral arrangements lining the aisle for your ceremony, use those same flowers as the centerpieces for your reception tables. You can use wedding bouquets in the same way, especially for a head table.

If you plan to serve wedding cake as a dessert, have a smaller showcase cake or have your baker build a cardboard cake with a real top layer while the rest is for decoration to cut in front of guests. With either option, there’s a sheet cake in the back to serve to guests. Sheet cakes are much cheaper than a bigger decked out wedding cake.

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