Friday, September 25, 2020

Three Princesses' wedding gowns

The most "imitated" and discussed wedding gowns of the last decades, I'm talking about Grace Kelly, Lady D and Kate Middleton's gowns, three different princesses with different weddings. Unique gowns, designed just for them and fully representing their personality.

Dresses that as you see are not only "garments" but become a manifest, a representation of the reality, personality and feelings of these "famous" brides and which have managed to influence bridal fashion in recent years


Who does not remember Grace Kelly's gown? An elegant and innovative dress for the time, two overlapping skirts and a Brussels lace bodice made the perfect silhouette  when she entered the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Monaco.


Lady D. is completely different, exuberant, "bulky", with a veil of over seven meters, it is remembered by everyone as the "meringue" dress; but it was 1981 and that dress was the perfect representation of the wonderful 80's. It was a unique gown, in pure ivory silk taffeta, with massive shoulders and long sleeves; as required by the real label.


It was 2011 when Kate Middleton married William, she had a difficult task, an inevitable competition with Lady D., the sad and rebellious princess who had enchanted the English people. Kate made a wise and absolutely adequate choice by choosing a dress that was completely different from William's mother, designed for her by Sarah Burton creative director of Alexander McQueen who has managed to create a regal and modern gown to which brides continue to be inspired.

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