Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Silk Stem Collective

Amanda and Megan, two sisters who finally decided to invest in a set of quality silk flowers with the hopes of passing the set off to the next couple after the wedding. They were overwhelmed by like-minded, conscious consumers like them interested in borrowing flowers for their big day. So just like that Silk Stem Collective was born!

They spoke with local florists to get their sage advice on what they expect to be the top winter wedding floral trends. Here’s what will be some of the most stylish designs you’ll see this winter.


Trade in the trendy blush blooms for deep burgundy flowers like peonies, roses, and chrysanthemums, and pair with the darkest shades of purple such as dark privet berries or eggplant dahlias. This color palette will transform your usual white winter look into something more eye-catching. The richer shades will bring a comforting warmth on even the chilliest of days.


Incorporate winter foliage like white pine or spiked lambs ear to add texture and embrace the natural beauty of the season. Replace lush greenery with the golden hue of pampas grass or other neutral toned grasses. Don’t be afraid to brighten up the winter foliage with a few pops of color for a more casual winter look.


Foliage crowns are not just for Spring anymore. The hottest hairstyle trend for this Winter is greenery crowns made of lavish greens like lambs ear, dark juniper, or ruscus. Crowns are perfect for adorning long, wavy, boho hairstyles or an elegant side braid.


Lambs ear has been popular for many seasons now and we don’t see an end to the lambs ear obsession anytime soon. This frosted foliage is versatile and gorgeous in any bouquet or table décor. We recommend pairing it with pinecones, branches, or thick ribbon to bring in the spirit of the holidays.


The #1 floral trend for 2021 is bright, joyful colors. Celebrate the end of a tough year and a fresh start in 2021 with vibrant blooms like mums, juliet roses, and poppies. For winter weddings, florists recommend round bouquets rather than hand-tied for a tighter, more formal look that balances the excitement of lively colors.

The Silk Collective

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