Friday, October 9, 2020

How do I choose the color of my wedding?

This is one of the questions that my brides ask me most often. The answer is not just one because, obviously, there is no rule for defining the color scheme of an entire event. The important thing is that the nuance chosen is in line with the concept of the whole day and, if you choose a bright, strong, "unconventional" color, that this is balanced with more subtle and delicate colors.

Asking yourself the following questions, before choosing a color, will help you make the right decision:

Is the color I chose in line with the location?
Do you follow the concept of my wedding?
How can I insert this color into the event, without weighing it down?


In this case the chromatic choice will be fundamental; in case you have opted for a soft, pastel color; the choices are infinite. It is possible to have accent details such as napkins, cushions, structural or decorative elements, favors; giving the whole set-up a decisive but elegant style.

In the event that the selected color is brighter, my advice is to use it mainly in the floral arrangement and not on other decorative elements. This way you will be able to give the whole, despite the color choice, an elegant and refined allure.

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