Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Where Bridesmaids come from?

Being chosen as bridesmaids is a wonderful and demanding task. Whether you are her sister or her best friend, you must not only walk down the aisle, but you also need to be by her side also along the journey to her wedding day have a key role in the organization of the bachelorette party.

In ancient Rome bridesmaids formed a sort of "copy" to protect the bride and wore the same dress to confuse people who wanted to kidnap her, hurt her or steal her dowry. Today, however, bridesmaids have a different and less superstitious connotation, but their task is always to support and accompany the bride on her most important day.


The outfit for the wedding day must be perfect: here are my tips for being truly chic bridesmaids.

Choose soft lines that wrap the body with refinement, or the bon ton style with not excessive volumes. To create a truly unique outfit, play with the shades of pastel colors that perfectly match the white of the wedding dress, depending on the wedding season.

Never in short dresses, unless it is slightly above or below the knee, choose a long gown with long sleeves for an evening ceremony.

For a wedding in spring or summer? Opt for one-shoulder and light fabrics, also playing with prints, as an alternative to single-color, avoiding bold necklines.

As for the cut of the dress, not all having the same silhouette, the dress does not necessarily have to fit unanimously in some cases, creating uncomfortable situations. An excellent compromise? Use the same fabric by entrusting a tailor with the packaging of the clothes so that they are in line with the body of each.


Complete your look with a wedding corsage, a small bouquet or be unconventional with matching accessories like shoes, a clutch or a shawl. No bridesmaid should never overshadow the bride, but complement.

You are her most important support, the ones she can always count on the most beautiful day of her life, especially when joy gives way to anxiety and tension.

I am sure you will be truly chic bridesmaids!

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