WEDDING PLANNING 101 from Chicago Weddings

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

You’re engaged! The world is your wedding oyster. 💍

Then, you finally sit down to actually start wedding planning and suddenly all that infinite possibility becomes infinite decisions to make. Where to start? Guest list? Decor? Budget? Venue? Food? And WHY is your own Mother fighting you on every idea? When you work with a wedding planner in Chicago, we get you from “How do we do this?!” to “I got this!”We take the stress, challenges, and guesswork out of planning this monumental celebration of love. Help everyone enjoy the celebration – including yourself! You deserve to immerse yourself in the wonderful experience of being a bride.


Here’s how Bweddings can help: Keep your budget in check. Small choices can add up to big savings if you have a planner who knows what they’re doing! Enjoy a stress-free experience. Working with vendors and coordinating all the small details can add up to a lot of stress, especially in those vital hours leading up to your big day. Stick to your vision. A great wedding planner will fight for your vision at every turn. I know your preferences and I work to keep busy vendors in line and make sure your day goes as planned.Insider vendor relationships mean we can generally save time and resources when booking local service providers and venues. We know Miami which gives us the edge when coordinating travel and bookings. No detail is too small. Unlike venue coordinators, as a wedding planner, I help you juggle every tiny detail that ultimately arises on your big day. Nothing is overlooked.Enjoy your day. Leave the vision and hard work to us.


We have so many wonderful memories from all our incredible couples that we have a really hard time choosing a favourite, so let’s chat about about a Miami event that was especially close to our hearts. B & A’s Wedding was a beautiful celebration of love which included cultural traditions and so much joy from friends and family coming together in a stunning and historical setting in Coral Gables. During the only rainy day during the entire month of November, we had to move the ceremony indoors. The hall was completely flipped into a gorgeous intimate indoor ceremony as we scratched our original plans of an outdoor ceremony overlooking the golf course at sunset. A little rain didn’t put a damper on this celebration with friends and family from all over the world, and true love!


Bweddings has proudly partnered with The Italian Bride. Barbara, hailing from Genova and now based out of Chicago, is the innovative mind behind Bweddings, and seasoned luxury Chicago wedding planner. The Italian Bride is a dynamic duo who has their home base in Milan. We both of us have years experience planning extraordinary love events of all sizes across the beautiful country of Italy. This means we’re the ultimate team for planning the perfect destination wedding in Italy from start to finish. We’ll help you coordinate venue(s), accommodations, find the perfect wedding vendors and make travel plans. No detail is too small, and nothing is overlooked as our dynamic partnership had you covered from continent to continent. Sit back, relax and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience. Pull off the perfect destination wedding with Bweddings & The Italian Bride on your side!