Friday, March 12, 2021

Who is David Rothstein Music?

David Rothstein Music is a live music company which was started 20 years ago with the idea that every couple should get a wedding that fits their personality perfectly.

We offer couples complete music for their ceremony as well as their reception. In addition to the great live music, we also give them a free DJ, a separate MC, unlimited song requests, lots of personal touches, and a customized schedule to help keep them organized.

Along with the state-of-the-art sound system, each client will get stage lighting and access to our ceremony and reception music guides so they can pick out all their favorite songs for their big day.

After the wedding, we provide a free service called Share Your Love where we donate clients' wedding flowers to a nursing home the next morning.

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Since COVID-19 started, we have been able to offer our clients smaller ensembles for micro-weddings, such as a violin & piano duo, solo piano, or DJ.

We've also given them a separate MC to take care of any and all announcements and introductions. Within a month of the start of the pandemic, we have also been able to do private home concerts in people's back yards with ensembles including Broadway's lead singer of Alladin to a Brazilian group, jazz, Motown, and eight other additional ensembles.

One service that has been very popular is our live streaming service, which I'm able to do at a fraction of usual expenses since it uses an app that I can run directly through my iPhone. It gives great results and I make each of the live streams much more personal by doing interviews with the guests. I'm also much more flexible in that I can be much more mobile and walk around the room freely instead of having various cameras on stationary stands.


We have also just started a program called Play It Forward, so when someone books our band for a full wedding with our 7- or 10-piece orchestra, we will donate a violin & piano duo for ceremony and cocktails, MC, and live streaming to another couple who has really suffered through the coronavirus pandemic.

We now have additional wedding vendors who are volunteering their services as well so that a couple in need can receive a micro-wedding free of charge and Bweddings is proud to voluteer a faux booxwood backdrop for the Ceremony or Cocktail hour.

David Rothstein Music

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