If You are Looking for a Wedding Planner in Chicago, You May Want to Know What a Day-of Coordinator is and How to Hire Your Chicago Wedding Planner

Friday, November 4, 2022

While there are countless decisions a couple makes in the early planning stages for their wedding, very few of them rise to the importance of whether or not to work with a planner. Although the bridal gown, event date, and venue are fundamental to the wedding experience, it is a wedding planner in Chicago who is likely to provide support for the whole process, from timeline creation and budgeting to the smallest details for your big day. 

Deciding you wish to work with a planner doesn’t solve the question of whom to hire or whether to work with a day of wedding coordinator Chicago or a full wedding planner, however. Those are additional decisions you’ll have to consider as you begin the planning process. 

Looking for some tips? We’ve got you! Read on for some insider’s perspectives! 

What is a day-of wedding coordinator in Chicago vs. a full wedding planner?  


When you begin to research wedding planners in Chicago, you’ll likely come across more planning package options than you can count. We recommend starting by asking yourself if you’re more drawn to day-of coordinator services or are interested in the support offered by a full wedding planning package. Most Chicago wedding planners offer options from least-involved to most-involved, so you’re likely to find a perfect fit, no matter what you’re looking for! 

Chicago Day-of Coordinator

If you’ve already settled on a venue and hired the vendors who will assist with carrying out your wedding vision, working with a day-of coordinator will likely provide you with reassurance and logistical support for the big day. 

You’re likely to meet to review the details and timeline and smooth over any outstanding questions or issues, whether you plan to have a large wedding in Chicago or a micro wedding package Chicago. You’ll then receive invaluable day-of support so that you can maximize your enjoyment and minimize your stress. From checking in vendors and acting as a resource for design questions to helping the bridal party assemble for the processional before the ceremony, coordinators manage the behind-the-scenes of your wedding day so that your vision is carried out. 

If you want a little more support than just day-of coordination, many planners also offer partial and destination wedding planning packages. These are a step up, with more collaborative meetings bringing together the planner and the couple so that more assistance can be provided in the lead-up to the big day. Overall, you’ll still be doing much of the decision-making and guiding the majority of the planning process, but a planner will be able to provide feedback and manage the big day itself. 

Many brides feel that being able to count on a professional coordinator or partial planner who can be trusted to manage all the details is the best investment of their wedding process.

Full Wedding Planning Chicago


Full wedding planning packages usually include the help of a professional full-service planner to help you decide on your vision for the day, set up a budget that is comfortable for you and allows you to contract with the right vendors, visit venue options and make your decision and assist with all of the other aspects of planning and carrying out your big day. 

Hiring a professional Chicago wedding planner is the best option for couples who are either very busy and overwhelmed with adding the planning of one of the biggest events in their lives, or for those who just wish for reassurance, collaboration, direction, and support in the process. 

Whether you want to have a grand luxury ballroom wedding with hundreds of guests or are looking for micro wedding packages Chicago, a wedding planner will apply their professional experience and skills to the task. Planners are experts at working with all kinds of couples so that each wedding day - and all the preparation that takes place in the weeks and months leading up to it - is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Hiring Your Chicago Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator Chicago 


As you prepare to hire a wedding planner Chicago, whether a day-of coordinator or full planner, remember the value that a good planner will offer to you during the lead-up to your wedding and on the day itself. It means that your free time won’t be spent worrying about how to make a seating chart, if the string quartet should play during the ceremony or also the cocktail hour, and wondering about what could be slipping your mind altogether. 

Additionally, planners frequently have developed networks with other wedding vendors, and these relationships mean that their clients may receive special pricing on packages or services, or other perks that wouldn’t otherwise be available. 

Timeline for Hiring

For full planning services, we recommend securing your wedding planner 12 - 18 months prior to your wedding date. Having more time may mean better rates and availability for vendors and venues, and will definitely provide more time for developing your vision. 

What is Their Experience?


‍It’s going to be very helpful to know what kinds of weddings your prospective planner has worked on in the past. Do they have a particular style of wedding they most enjoy, or do they have useful experience in a certain speciality, such as being a destination wedding planner Chicago? Have they worked with couples for weddings at the venue you’re interested in before? 

Seek Out Reviews of Wedding Planners in Chicago

We all know to take reviews with a few grains of salt, but in general, they are great resources to get a sense of what you can expect when working with different planners. After all, couples who have notable experiences with their vendors are likely to submit reviews about them. 

In some cases, you may be able to request the contact information for the person who submitted the review. You might also be inspired by the ideas and experiences other couples have had and that they shared in their reviews. There’s no reason not to do a little research on the planner you may work with to carry out such an important day. 


For couples who are starting their wedding planning journeys and have limited time, are new to Chicago, or are planning a specialty or destination wedding in or near the city, working with a wedding planner or day of coordinator Chicago can be a life-saver. From helping you stick to your budget (and maybe even saving money in the process) to helping manage the guest list, seating chart, and order of ceremony to giving you vendor feedback and visiting venues with you, you’ll be able to rely on a professional to guide you. 

Having the support of a professional and the network they have developed with industry vendors, you’re likely to have a more smooth process and enjoy the big day itself to its fullest. With numerous wedding planners in Chicago and packages to choose from, there’s a perfect fit for every couple.