Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Hi Chicago Brides!

We are Samuel and Maria, husband and wife wedding photographers in Chicago, IL.

When we got married in 2016, we were very nervous about our wedding photos, as we are both a bit camera shy. However, we had an amazing wedding photographer who took the time to listen to our story and put in the effort to become friends with us. She went the extra mile in every way, helping make our wedding day relaxed and fun. After talking with many other married couples we realized that most did not have the same enjoyable experience that we did.  

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From the moment we photographed our first wedding shortly after, we were hooked.

Samuel’s family still frequently looks through his grandparents' wedding album from the 1940's, full of emotion and the ability to transport us all there.

The day you choose to say "I do" to your partner, starting a new chapter of your lives together, is one of the most special moments you'll have. This day deserves to be captured artfully and authentically, so it can be remembered by yourselves and your loved ones for many years. We consider it a privilege to be there for our couples in this way!

If you’re looking for wedding photographers in Chicago, IL who will help you feel free to be yourselves, give you a fully relaxed, authentic photo experience, and know you like lifelong friends, we might just be a lovely fit.

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