4 Things to Know About the Chicago Wedding Vibe and Why Brides Flock to Chicago to Get Married!

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

If you’ve ever been to Chicago or spoken with wedding planners in Chicago, you know that this bustling hub of metropolitan life is teeming with an unmatched culinary scene, verdant parks, and stunning venues for events and weddings of all kinds. As an esteemed Chicago wedding planner agency in Illinois serving the Chicago metro area since 2014, we might be a little biased, but there are so many reasons couples fall in love with and choose to celebrate their commitment together in Chicago that we can’t stay quiet!  

To share this love with couples considering hosting their celebrations in the Windy City, we’ve put together some of our favorite reasons why brides select Chicago. We’ll cover everything from the venue options and vibes to the seasons and things you and your guests can do while here. Read on, but be aware - you might just fall in love with this city! 

Chicago’s Culture is Unmatched


Because of its location on the southern shore of Lake Michigan and the development of its extensive railway infrastructure, Chicago has played a critical role in trade routes for almost two centuries. Together with the rise of Chicago’s manufacturing and shipping industries, as well as the emergence of retail tycoons, people flocked to Chicago from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. Although the city’s role in commerce has remained strong in the Midwest, other industries, such as finances and tourism, play important roles today and still contribute to the city’s identity. 

The influx of immigrants in the early years of Chicago and the variety and number of neighborhoods that have maintained their own unique identities through the decades have made the city’s population extremely diverse. With so many different cultures and backgrounds in close proximity, visitors and residents can enjoy, for example, authentic Mexican tacos for lunch, a farm-fresh apple tart from a local farm for a snack, and a fusion of gourmet Asian and French flavors for dinner. The culinary scene is fantastic, and the music and fashion scenes are stellar as well.

Whether you’re drawn to the historic architecture, energy of public spaces like Navy Pier, Millenium Park, or landscaped parks and beaches near Lake Michigan, lined with outdoor cafes and bistros, there is outdoor beauty to be enjoyed by people of all kinds in and near Chicago. Though the temperatures in the city can dip well below zero in the winter months and exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, the city’s location by the shores of the Great Lake keep temperatures more temperate a surprising amount of the time. Nevertheless, we always recommend visitors dress in layers to stay comfortable in all seasons.

Venue and Vendor Options in Chicago are Endless


If you think that Chicago’s status as America’s third-largest city means that there could be an overwhelming number of options for wedding vendors and venues, you would be 100% correct. From lakeside estates with painstakingly-manicured gardens to industrial locations with exposed brick and pipe, you can likely find the kind of event vibe you’re seeking. 

Some of our favorite venue types: 

A Chicago Wedding Planner Can Help Guide You


Whew, we know that it can feel overwhelming to explore such a wide-ranging list of venue options, not to mention the hundreds of quality vendors that make behind-the-scenes magic happen in Chicago events. You might need a designer, a florist, a caterer, a cake-decorator, a musician team or DJ, a photographer, a videographer, a makeup artist, a hairstylist…. The list goes on and on - how will you ever decide who will make up your vendor team? 

From our decades in the industry, our best piece of advice when addressing this question is to advise that couples invest in a professional Chicago wedding planner. The next question is always for brides to ask, “how much is a wedding coordinator?” What they may not realize when they ask, “how much do wedding planners cost?” is that a lot of the average cost of a Chicago wedding planner is usually at least partly covered by the value they add by helping to negotiate with vendors for better prices or other perks. Not to mention - day of wedding coordinators Chicago also provide peace and comfort because you know that your wedding is in good hands. 

Chicago day of wedding coordinators do so much more than just coordinating the day-of run-of-show for your event. From reviewing your vendor list and acting as your point-of-contact for any issues that may arise to being your advocate and representative for your wishes, your wedding coordinator has your back. Ensuring a good fit with your day of coordinator Chicago can help you stay relaxed during this time, which can be stressful for many couples. 

There’s Something for Everyone in Chicago

Because it is such a popular location for weddings and events, the price tag for events in Chicago can be fairly high. A good wedding planner can assist you with selecting off-season dates or perhaps working with planners to put together packages that meet your needs and interests for your event. 

For couples who are interested in exploring micro wedding packages in Chicago, we advise you speak with a planner who has a lot of experience working with couples to plan and manage their small events. A good day of coordinator Chicago will approach a small or micro wedding very differently than they would a large or over-the-top event. They’ll be able to provide advice regarding appropriate venues and vendors for your needs. 



There are so many reasons to love Chicago, and these reasons also explain why this city makes such a great place to celebrate saying I do. The food scene and vendor options, landmarks that honor its rich history, the ease of travel because of its transit infrastructure, and the skyline itself are all tempting reasons to consider Chicago. 

From visiting the Navy Pier to strolling the shops of Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile, there truly is something for everyone, and it’s our honor to share the reasons we’ve fallen in love with the possibilities for weddings and events of all kinds in and near Chicago. If you’re interested in hearing more from our professional wedding planning team, including hearing about some of our favorite venues and most memorable events, get in touch today. We’d love to help make your wedding unforgettable.