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"When we started planning, I questioned if we needed a coordinator but working with you was hands down our BEST decision!"

I don’t know how we can even begin to thank you for everything you did for us yesterday. You made our day absolutely perfect from start to finish. We went through the day with zero worries and were able to just have FUN because we had you two by our side.

When we started planning, I questioned if we needed a coordinator but working with you was hands down our BEST decision! Brittani, every email, call, plan, etc was so so so appreciated. You were so responsive, helpful and kind. You two really are perfection and I’m so happy I’ll see you again soon at my sister's wedding in October!!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!! And thank you for the precious card flower! That was such a special treat to unbox today.

E. & L.

"I am so grateful I found you and do not regret working with you!"

Now that we are back from our honeymoon we wanted to reach out to let you know how amazing you and your team were!

THANK YOU! We are really so thankful for everything you did for us for our wedding! I am so grateful I found you and do not regret working with you!

You are so sweet and do amazing work planning and preparing for weddings.

J. & J.

"We truly could not have done it without you and Allana."

Thank you so much for everything!

We truly could not have done it without you and Allana.

I must say Allana was absolutely fantastic. She was everything we could have ever hoped for and was a blessing. She was available, fun, prompt, knowledgeable, flexible, you name it. She truly was everything amazing leading up to the wedding.

A. & J.

"Barbara was an excellent wedding planner and day-of-coordinator."

She kept me on top of deadlines, made great vendor suggestions, and thought of many details that we would not have. She was responsive and accessible, and she and Josh coordinated with vendors, managed deliveries and the day-of timeline, and kept the whole day running smoothly. Could not recommend BWeddings enough!

I. & K

"Absolutely no regrets about working with Barbara"

"I was a bit leery when my fiancé wanted to hire a wedding planner, but as she was going to shoulder the brunt of the planning effort, I did not put up much of an argument. Barbara came recommended to us and she helped with nearly every detail of the wedding. Being able to trust the wedding planner was important to us because we were in a completely different time zone from where the wedding was to occur. No ask was off limits – she met with vendors, kept us on schedule, and even let us ship décor items for the big day to her house! My married guy friends prepared me for several stressful months of planning and preparing for this wedding with an over stressed better half but with Barbara’s help, it was honestly a smooth process. She saved us much anxiety and stress and her services were worth every penny!"

A. & C.

"They took care of EVERYTHING!!!"

I am the MOB and we had my daughter’s wedding last month. We knew from the get go that I was doing the decor and flowers, but wanted to be just the MOB the day of. We searched for a planner that would meet this request and are so happy to have decided on Barbara and her team. After our first interview with Barbara, we were impressed with her professionalism and understanding of what we were looking for.

The whole process was very smooth, from personalizing the contract to our specific needs to the communication during the months leading to the event. What was amazing though was what happened the day of.  Not only did they carry our decor vision down to the dot, but went the extra mile with decoration and details adding their own touch with great taste and elegance.

They made sure that the Bride and groom were well taken care of. I was so surprised at how smooth everything went, no stress, timeline was followed and event was a success. The team that stayed until the end of the party moved around like ninjas! Before I knew it they had packed everything and taken care of all of the vendors.

Best money spent! Highly recommended.

S. & R

"It was unbelievable and a great surprise."

Barbara, I don’t have words to explain how happy and grateful I am for all the work you did. It was unbelievable and a great surprise. All the decoration was stunning and all the guests were in shock of how beautiful it was. Thank you for being part of the best day of my life! And thank you for the gift!

M. & V.

"They eased our anxiety during the whole process and made the months leading up to the wedding enjoyable!"

When we started planning our wedding, we weren't sure if we would need a wedding planner...but my wife and I can both say that bringing on Barbara and the Bweddings team was one of the best decisions we made. They eased our anxiety during the whole process and made the 3 months leading up to the wedding enjoyable. Most importantly, the week of and day of our wedding were better than we could have imagined because we didn't have to worry about any of the small details, they had it handled. They took all of the small to-do's off of our plate like contacting each vendor, organizing our rehearsal, creating a crazy in-depth timeline and even making sure the reception space was decorated perfectly. We're so grateful we found Bweddings and would recommend them to any couple without hesitation. Thanks Barbara !!

A. & J.

"It was such a relief to have someone not only to run ideas by, but who understood my vision and worked around the clock to make it happen."

I honestly thought I did not need a wedding planner but thank God I hired one! Having Barbra's expertise knowledge went a long way in making my dream day come true. It was s such a relief to have someone not only to run ideas by, but who understood my vision and worked around the clock to make it happen. My wedding day was such a dream because Barbra and her team ensured that all I received that day was pure perfection. If you are looking for a wedding planner who will go above and beyond, then you shouldn't look any further. Most importantly I was surprised how amazing her prices were for the services!

P. & C.

"A weight was lifted off my shoulder!"

When Barbara started as a coordinator 12 weeks out from the wedding date it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

She coordinated the timeline and responsibilities with all our vendors, did a walk through with us at the wedding venue, and distributed all of the tips on the day of. I added on extra coverage for one of her assistants to gather all the personal items at the end of the night and put them in our hotel room, which I would 100% recommend; it allowed all our family to relax and enjoy the party instead of having to worry about a late-night responsibility.

Thank you Barbara!!

C. & G.

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