Monday, December 28, 2020

Day of Coordination

I hear it often " We don't need a wedding planner, we can do it ourselves to stay in budget! My best friend, auntie, neighbours will help with anything I need".

That is right, you can definitely do it yourself, however you might not be able to save some money as your best friend will do the best she can but not being a professional wedding planner can cost you in ways that you likely never imagined!

Some couples realize along the way that getting closer to the big day comes with an overwhelming amount of tasks and stress so they decide to hire a Day of Coordinator to manage their big day. This way they can actually enjoy their wedding without worrying about timing and all the details they have planned.

However what most brides call 'Day of Coordination' is a myth; in fact there is no such a thing like a professional wedding planner who shows up just on your wedding day to execute your vision! Like in every industry, there are several companies and individuals who sells this service at a very small price and maybe they don't even meet with you before the wedding, they take shortcuts to a process that requires times and meticulous attention to details.

Reputable and professional wedding planners know how much time is spent with every couple, not matter how small or big their wedding is.


Our "Day of" covers MONTHS before the wedding day as our team need to be involved and informed of every detail the bride and groom have planned so far.

We meet with our couple for a walk through the Ceremony site and the Reception venue, we discuss and review all they have planned; we keep track of their contracts; we take over and coordinate the WEEKS leading to the big day, we work on logistics, we manage the vendors, we create checklists, timelines, floor plans, schedules.

We remind them of deadlines, payments, documents to be signed, fees to be paid, rings to be bought.. yes it happened 1 week before the big day!

We attend, coordinate and supervise the REHEARSAL, we collect personal items


We are the first one to arrive at the Ceremony site to make sure flowers are delivered, the programs are set, we welcome their guests, we coordinate with the transportation company to make sure the couple arrives on time.

We manage your guests dietary restrictions and meal selection, we work with your photographer to make sure you have enough time to have all those beautiful photos taken; we coordinate your music selection with your DJ or live band to make sure your first dance is a timeless memory or that your Best Man's speech is heard by everyone; we give you a heads up when is time to freshen up for those close up shots.

We manage the wedding day, we supervise the suppliers.. we orchestrate it all and we cannot do it just in one day!